1. Stress


Mental Health, According To World Health Organization Is "A State Of Well-Being In Which The Individual Realizes His Or Her Own Abilities, Can Cope With The Normal Stresses Of Life, Can Work Productively And Fruitfully, And Is Able To Make A Contribution To His Or Her Community". In other words, A Person Under Mental Stress Doesn’t Realize His Or Her Own Abilities, Can’t Cope With The Normal Stresses Of Life, Can’t Work Productively And Fruitfully, And Is Unable To Make A Contribution To His Or Her Community. We Can Also Add That One Cannot Make His Bread And Butter Or Take The Responsibility Of His Or Her Family Properly. So To Deal With The Stress, I Have Provided You With The Maximum Information Here, Related To Stress, Like What Is Stress? How Does It Happen? Stress Hormones? What Is The Effect Of Stress On Our Body? Stress Management & Its Homeopathic Treatment. One thing to be kept in mind is that we cannot treat the causes of stress with medicines but we can give the medicines so that the stress will not affect the other parts of the body, and If already affected, their functioning will remain under control. Medicine will also give the positivity and strength to handle the stress properly. With My More Than Ten Years of Experience, I Have Made a Very Effective course to treat all kinds of stress disorders. I have named it as Stress Deaddiction. This course is Specially Prepared from purely HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES Which is very Effective, Easy to Take, without Any Side Effects on Our Body and this can also be taken parallel with your other medical treatments.



2. Stress and Obesity


  • Do you know why it’s getting harder and harder for you to lose weight inspite of doing heavy physical workouts and strictly controlled diet; which is leading you to humiliation, isolation, lack of attention from the people around you, lack of confidence, losing opportunities such as job, marriage, fashion, traveling  and  many more?


The answer is “Mental Stress”

Here is the explanation.

Adrenaline & Norepinephrine are the two hormones released by adrenal glands during acute stress, and when the stress becomes chronic then a hormone named cortisol is released which has the following effect on our body:-


  1. Increased levels of cortisol increases the craving or urge to eat fatty, sugary and rich food or drinks leading to weight gain or obesity.
  2. Increased levels of cortisol causes insulin resistance, weaken your digestive system and causes fat accumulation especially around the abdomen.
  3. Chronic stress causes endocrine disorders like P C O D or hypothyroidism etc., which can slow down your metabolism and you gain weight.
  4. Chronic stress leads us to isolation, loneliness and withdrawal from the society which makes you lethargic resulting in lack of physical activity or exercise, causing obesity.
  5. Negative methods to deal with chronic stress like alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking or unhealthy eating habits may lead to obesity.
  6. Stress causes sleeping disorder, lack of proper sleep leads to slow metabolism and weight gain.


So the Mental Stress is a major cause of your weight problem which will never let your any step, to work against obesity or weight gain.

So next time before you join Gym or do heavy workouts or start diet or do any known procedure to get rid of that extra fat from your body, do get rid of your mental stress first which is the main cause of your Obesity.

3. Stress Good Or Bad


When the word stress comes in our mind we always relate it to the negative reasons but there are some normal reasons & some good reasons also where we can feel the stress which are: before marriage, examination, job interview, appointment, meeting, conference or seminars, buying a house or property, car, jewellery or furniture etc., changing school, college or job, facing anything new, retirement, promotion or award and unusual responsibility. 

Stress is not always bad. To some extent stress is our friend. It tells us about the danger. It acts as a protective mechanism. It also helps us to grow in life.  Stress during normal life situations like in exams, interview, job etc. Can help us to perform well under pressure and motivate to do our best. 

The stress has become a part of our life. The problem arises when the stress crosses its threshold which results in disharmony of our mind & body. With a disturbed mind & body a person can’t realize his or her own capabilities, can’t cope up with the normal stresses of life, can’t work productively and fruitfully, can’t take the responsibility & is unable to make a contribution towards his or her family or society or organization. A healthy person is a productive person.

We cannot treat the causes of stress with the medicines but Homeopathic medicines can give you the positivity and strength to handle the stress properly, so that the stress will not affect your other parts of the body & if already affected, their functioning will remain under control. Homeopathic medicines can also be taken along with other medical treatments also. Our special course called ‘Stressdeaddiction Course’ to treat the stress disorders in a holistic, reliable and safe (i.e. without any side effects) way is made up of Homeopathic medicines which is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world (estimated by WHO). 

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